English>French and German>French translation 🇬🇧🇩🇪

I translate your marketing and sales content

If you’re not a French company and want to generate qualified leads and build your brand image on the French market, it’s necessary that you create content in French. To achieve this in a cost-effective and timely manner, you could translate your existing content.

I translate from English to French and from German to French all types of content for your marketing and sales teams, such as blog posts, website pages and case studies.

How I do it

Here are the steps I follow for English>French or German>French translation:

1. Discovering your editorial line

First, I go through your existing French content to know which texts you create and what your tone and style are. Plus, I need to understand what your current situation and your objectives on the French market are.

2. Agreeing on the deadline

For each sequence, I take note of your deadline for the first version of the translations. I need minimum 48 hours.

3. Translating and localizing

I localize, which means that I don’t just translate but I also adapt the content to the cultural specifics of the French market. For example, if necessary I suggest changing the images so that they fit French cultural references.

Depending on the topic and the length, I either localize everything myself, or I use machine translation and proofread the outputs.

4. SEO optimizations

For blog articles and website pages, I write the meta description, and I do the keywords search.

5. Corrections

After submission, you can have one of your French-speaking employees review my translations within 2 weeks. If needed, I make corrections within 48 hours based on your remarks. I do only one round of adjustments.


Here’s a blog post translated from English to French for Lyyti, an event management SaaS software. Read the full article here.

Example of English>French and German>French translation: blog post for Lyyti.

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