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I write SEO-optimised blog posts

If your blog contains few posts, because of a lack of time or resources, it’s be a revenue shortfall because you could miss leads. Plus, it’s a missed opportunity to build a connection between your brand and your target customers.

I write blog posts to increase your visibility and attract prospects in your sales funnel. Moreover, my posts are useful materials for your sales team to help them acquire customers.

How I do it

I follow the steps below but, if you prefer to do the research and the SEO optimisations yourself, I would adapt.

1. Discovering the strategy

First I need to know which objectives you want to reach with your blog. Plus, I go through your editorial line and read your existing blog posts to understand your tone of voice and your style.

2. Agreeing on the deadline

For each post, I take note of your deadline for the first version. I need at least one week.

3. Identifying the persona

At the beginning of the partnership, I always research your ideal customer, also known as your persona, to understand who he is and which information he is looking for. The persona can vary from post to post, depending on the subject and the objective. In that case, I research the persona again.

4. Researching keywords

I create a list of keywords, and I pick the main keyword. If you use a keyword research platform, such as SEMRush or Ahref, I would ask you to give me access to it.

5. Doing research about the topic of the post

I look for information on different mediums – blogs, podcasts, books, research papers – before writing anything. If you already have a list of sources, I would use it.

6. Writing

After defining the post outline, I start writing. I also search for visual content and add them to the post.

7. SEO optimisations

I write the title tag, the meta description and the headlines. Moreover, I add internal links.

8. Corrections

After I send you the first draft, I allow you to ask me for adjustments within 2 weeks. If needed, I make some corrections within 48 hours based on your remarks. I do only one round of adjustments.


Here is a blog post in French that I wrote for CleverConnect, a SaaS management software for recruiters. Read the full post here.

Pierre Zenker's content writing reference: SEO-optimised blog post for Eversports

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