Pierre, freelance content writer and translator.

How my content generates your qualified leads


You have defined a content strategy, but you don’t have the time to write as much as you would like to?

It’s normal. Producing in-house texts is time-consuming and can become a headache.

I create content that generates visibility and qualified leads for B2B companies, especially for SaaS. By entrusting me the writing of your texts, you can focus on strategy and team management. Plus, your sales team benefits from more supporting material to convert your prospects into customers.

More specifically, I write SEO blog posts that make potential customers aware of your company or product, and email sequences that qualify your leads to fill the sales pipeline. But first of all, I create your buyer persona to craft a message which suits you target customer.

3 reasons to work with me:

1️⃣ Previously, I worked in B2B sales for more than 7 years, including 4 years in E-Commerce and 3 years for a SaaS company. I know how your sales funnel works;

2️⃣ I put trust at the heart of our partnership. My words must allow you to achieve your objectives while taking your editorial line into account;

3️⃣ I speak English and German fluently. I also translate your existing content in these languages into French.

It might interest you:

🚲 I share my travel stories, my favorite bike routes, and my discoveries of cultural heritage on my personal blog;

🌎 I lived abroad for 10 years, including in Germany and the UK;

🍷 I’m based in Bordeaux, where I grew up.