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I write your email copy

Generating leads who don’t want to know more about your product is useless. To reach your MQL goals, it’s key to sell your value to your audience.

I write lead nurturing email sequences and prospecting emails that convince your leads to get in touch with your sales team to convert them into qualified leads.

How I do it

Here is how I write impactful emails:

1. Discovering the strategy

First I need to know the objectives you want to achieve with your emailing strategy and to identify the sequences you’ve already implemented. Plus, I receive your editorial line to understand your tone of voice and your style.

2. Agreeing on the deadline

For each sequence, I take note of your deadline for the first version. I need at least one week.

3. Identifying the persona

I always research your ideal customer, also known as your persona, to understand who he is and what his problems are. The persona can vary from sequence to sequence. In that case, I research the persona for each new sequence.

4. Writing the email copy

By following a clear structure, including a hook and a call-to-action, I write a message which suits your strategy and your persona.

5. Writing the subject line

The words, their order, and the length of the subject line influence the opening rate and the click rate. I write a subject line that fits the persona and the email content. Plus, I write the preheader.

6. Corrections

After I send you the first draft of the sequence, I allow you to ask me for adjustments within 2 weeks. If needed, I make corrections within 48 hours based on your remarks. I do only one round of adjustments.

7. Analysing the results

A few days after the emails are sent, I review the performance indicators. Based on the results, if necessary, I adjust the copy of the following emails.


Previously, I worked for more than 7 years in B2B sales. Therefore, I have written hundreds of cold emails and lead nurturing emails. You will find an example below.

Copywriting example: lead nurturing email

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